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Ferris Rafauli is an award winning and renowned master designer and artist who conceives, designs and creates ultra-luxury dwellings and lifestyle creations for an elite clientele worldwide.

Ferris Rafauli thinks about dwellings as total works of art.  Focused on the complete integration of the dwelling he designs every element, from the exterior architecture to the interiors to the furniture to the site landscaping each dwelling he designs is a complete work of art.

His ability to incorporate his furniture, lighting, rugs, drapery, bedding and decorative arts that he exclusively designs for his dwellings enables him to achieve a harmonious and a high level of visual unity.


Ferris Rafauli’s exacting attitude toward his designs are mirrored in his craftsmanship. 

He believes that mastering and understanding the build behind the design is integral to designing and that one does not exist without the other.

Ferris Rafauli is responsible for building some of the largest and most complicated dwellings in the world that he has designed making him one of the most unique designers in the world. 

He has the rare ability to combine the art of his design with the science of high-precision construction results in a harmonious and a high level of visual unity.

In addition to dwellings Ferris Rafauli has designed restaurants, lounges, private jets, cars, private yachts and high-end retail commercials spaces.

Ferris Rafauli is also a design director for notable brands such as Hästens, a Swedish mattress company that has been in existence since 1852 and La Cornue, an over 100 year old stove company located in Paris, France.  For both of these brands Ferris Rafauli designed their top of the line collection that is distributed around the world.